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Want challenging Harry Potter trivia?

What does the Owl grade ‘P’ stand for?

Who put the poision in the oak-matured mead that almost killed Ron?

After performing the spell to create light with one’s wand, what incantation is used to extinguish the light?

Did these questions get your adrenaline rushing? Surely at least one of them did. These aren’t your run of the mill Harry Potter trivia questions, they have a central element of challenge in them. Even if you have read your Harry Potter books multiple times, you’ll have to really jog your memory to answer such trivia.

Where can you find such trivia questions? Of course, the internet is littered with many many quizzes of our favourite series. However, I took these questions not off the net but from a slick looking mobile app, It’s called Harry Potter Book Trivia and it’s available to Android users on the Google Play Store.


Some interesting functionality of the app includes the ability to choose one or multiple Harry Potter books to select your questions from. You also get to choose from four levels of difficulty, as seen in the screenshot below:

Harry Potter book trivia

A really good aspect of this app is to be able to compete in global rankings. If you’re doing well in this trivia you’ll be able to see your rank go up against different players from around the world.

player ranking harry potter trivia

All in all this is a decent app to challenge your Harry Potter knowledge on, and well worth the Dollar to spend on.

PS: Clicking on “update trivia list” downloads newer trivia questions to the app. Nice innit?

Get the Harry Potter Book Trivia on Play Store

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