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Video: Dan, Emma & Rupert finish last day of shooting

During ABC Family’s “Harry Potter” weekend, the channel aired a special clip narrated by producer David Barron that showed the last day of principal photography on the set of any “Potter” film, ever. There are sad faces in the video. You might even see Dan Radcliffe’s tears. And it makes the fact that “Harry Potter” is actually coming to an end be all the more poignant.
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“We’d actually saved it because we obviously thought it would be a very difficult day for Dan, Rupert and Emma particularly, and for the rest of us, but for them particularly,” Barron said. “They had grown up on ‘Harry Potter’ and had been started, they were 11, 12 for the first film.”
The scene looks like it’s the one from “Part 1” where Harry, Ron and Hermione hurdle themselves through a Floo network chimney to escape from the Ministry of Magic. We remember hearing about these reshoots last year, after the planned shooting of the epilogue as the final scene was already completed.

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