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This Indian Classical Version Of The “Harry Potter” Soundtrack Will Blow Your Mind

If you thought Harry Potter was done giving you emotional meltdowns, you should be tired of being wrong by now. Case in point: The Indian Jam Project has released a classical Indian rendition of musical themes from John Williams’ original scores.

indian classical harry potter music

The instrumentation features keyboards and violin, as well as sarangi, santoor, and the Indian flute. The resulting arrangement creates a totally new sound that’s every bit as breathtaking as the original. It also happens to be beautifully filmed.

The musicians covered some of the most memorable scores from the movie series, and it is guaranteed to make you feel things.

By the time they get to “The Epilogue – Leaving Hogwarts”, you’ll be a helpless heap of tears wondering why it ever had to end.

Listen to the hauntingly beautiful rendition right now:

The Indian Jam Project is a Mumbai-based group of musicians in their early 20s. They regularly cover scores from the screen, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, Game of Thrones, and BBC’s Sherlock — which was recognized and shared on Twitter by composer Michael Price and series co-creator Mark Gatiss.

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