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Harry Potter Page to Screen review

Its been more than two weeks days since Harry Potter Page to Screen – The Complete Filmmaking Journey was released worldwide. A number of reviews have been pouring in from all across the world.

Harry Potter Page to Screen

Interestingly, most reviews have been quite positive, inspite of initial reactions of people who were calling the book expensive. Here are some reviews from, where 100% of the reviewers so far have given the book a five star rating:

MrMate says – The thing which surprised me the most when it arrived (6 days before release I might add)was the sheer size of the book. Its officially the biggest book I own now, and that includes all my textbooks. The 500+ page number descriptor is true, but what isn’t noted is that many of the pages fold out to display very long and detailed features or artwork.

Speaking of the imagery, its a spectacle to behold. There is an ideal balance of film production shots, and the never-before-seen concept art. The photos from the making of the films are perfectly linked with the text, and provide real insight into how the scenes were prepared and made so seamless on screen. It’s the artwork though which is a real winner. It’s fantastic to see early visualisations of what we’ve all come to see on screen. There are some truly ‘wow’ pieces of art including long-shots of Hogwarts and the Flying Keys in Philosopher’s Stone.

The book is divided into several sections including the specific films, then there’s are sections for characters, locations, creatures, and artefacts. Each section includes it’s own contents page to make navigating this large book quite efficient. One of my favourite inclusions in this text is the blue-print of Hogwarts – its very VERY detailed.

To summarise, this book is an essential read for Harry Potter fans. I recieved ‘Film Wizardry’ last Christmas, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but this is something else. Its 3x longer and 3x more detailed. I was worried that a lot of the information would be repeated but am happy to report that it isn’t the case. Go on, treat yourself to what I am starting to think might become the ultimate Harry Potter reference book on the market.

Ellatrix says:

I’m studying film studies A level and I’m doing a research project on the different directors of the Harry Potter series… I noticed this book on the internet and I couldn’t pre order it fast enough.

I’m obsessed with Harry Potter anyway so even if I wasn’t doing this research project this book would have been the first thing on my Christmas list!!!

It came today in the post, safely packaged.

Well, what can I say? The book is indescribable. The cover alone is something to spark up a conversation with my Harry-Potter-loving friends. And from the glances of the pages I can see that this book is going to be well worth the money.
Get it now before it’s back to being £50!!

All I can say is, I’m going to be busy this half term!

Have you purchased Harry Potter Page to Screen? Do post your own review in the comments section


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