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J.K. Rowling says Donald Trump worse than Voldemort

The author and crime writer was incensed by Donald Trump’s proposition to ban muslims from America.

Donald Trump voldemort

You might recognise him as the American businessman who has his own tower in New York or as the host of the original version of The Apprentice.

You’re also likely to have heard his name recently because he’s hoping to be the Republican presidential candidate.

And if you’ve been on Twitter since he suggested Muslims should be banned from America, you might have seen him being compared to Lord Voldemort. So much so that it became a news item which  BBC covered, and earned this comment from J.K. Rowling:

These comparisons began when the Trump campaign issued a statement saying: “Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

voldemort trump

His officials confirmed that the ban would apply not only to immigrants and refugees, but tourists as well.

Mr Trump was unmoved later telling a crowd: “I. Don’t. Care.”

Rowling responded to numerous social media users comparisons between the two after the Republican president candidate hopeful said he would ban Muslim immigration to the US

In a follow-up speech in South Carolina Trump called for a “complete shutdown” and said the borders would remain closed until authorities knew “what the hell was going on.”

This isn’t the first time in this campaign that Trump, who also thinks there should surveillance on some US mosques, has been criticised.

His idea to build a “great, great wall” between the US and Mexico didn’t go down too well.

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