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How your Harry Potter books may be worth up to $55,000

harry potter books
Accio jackpot!

The British branch of AbeBooks, an online marketplace for used, rare and out of print books, has released this guide to rare editions of Harry Potter which may be worth a small fortune — and no, they’re not all UK first editions.

Signed copies, U.S. first editions, and rare printing where J.K. Rowling’s name was rendered as “Joanne” on the copyright page will all net you many thousands of dollars.

But naturally, it’s the very first copies of the very first book that stand out.

“500 first editions [of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone] were published, 300 of them disappeared into the British library system, and the other 200 were used to spread the word about the boy wizard,” reports the online book retailer in this video. “Those first editions have become the holy grail of rare Harry Potter books”

These copies range in value from $40,000 to $55,000 each. How can you tell if you have one of the rare editions? Look out for the name. One of the most notable characteristics of those hardcover first editions is the crediting of “Joanne Rowling”.

And don’t worry if you were late to the series. As more Rowling became more popular, she began signing fewer books — meaning signed first editions of books published later in the series will fetch at least hundreds of dollars.

You can learn more about the rare editions with AbeBooks’ “Rough Guide to Collecting Harry Pottershere.

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