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‘Harry Potter’ Fan Proposes To Girlfriend With Handmade Marauder’s Map

Harry Potter fans, hold on to your (witch or wizard) hats. Here’s a magical proposal that’s sure to impress. A fan of J.K. Rowling’s series about a young wizard recently popped the question to his girlfriend of five years with a meticulously hand-drawn Marauder’s map.

It really is a thing of beauty:

custom marauders map

For the uninitiated, the Marauder’s map was a magical document which revealed a detailed map of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It included every secret passage, hidden chamber and the location of every person on the grounds.

Evan Onuskanych said he decided to surprise his girlfriend, Kelsey Davis, with his own take on the Marauder’s map.

“I was thinking of different ways of proposing that were particularly unique to our relationship,” Onuskanych told BuzzFeed. “Needless to say, I wasn’t very impressed with some of the more cliché methods of proposing … After looking online for hours on end, I realized nothing like this really existed”

So Onuskanych got to work creating the special map.

“I broke it up into four major parts of our lives: where we met, our first memories, college and the present,” he told Bustle. This included the high school where they met, the coffee shop they went to on their first date and the buildings they lived in at Penn State, where they both attended college.

When Onuskanych finally proposed, the couple was standing at the exact place it said they were on the map. It was a spot they called “The Beach,” a trail near a creek beloved by the couple.

“She cried… a lot. She was shocked and extremely happy. She just kept saying ‘is this for real?'” said Onuskanych.

As for the wedding, Onuskanych said that there would likely be “small, subtle hints of HP” in the decor but that “If she had her way, the whole thing would be HP themed.” Maybe even a Bachelorette party?

Congrats, Evan Onuskanych and Kelsey Davis! Nerdy #RelationshipGoals forever and for always. What’s your Harry Potter proposal or gift idea? Share in the comments below!

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