Deathly Hallows 2 (English) trailer – finally here!

Update: A download link for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 HD trailer has been added to this post

Harry Potter pic from Deathly Hallows 2

Since the French trailer is already posted on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows facebook page, lets watch the English trailer here:

Download the High Definition (HD) trailer for Deathly Hallows 2 – click here (.mov file – requires Apple Quicktime to play)

I could see the exasperation of the fans as they waited for the trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which was to be shown on ABC during the screening of Happy Gilmore on the evening of April 27. Oddly enough, the French trailer came out a couple of hours back before its English version, and while French speaking fans were delighted, the British fans seemed annoyed.

“Harry Potter is a British film…so why a trailer in French before the English one” rued one British fan. Anyway, that’s a question for Warner Bros to answer! Lets discuss the trailer here 🙂

What do you think? Isn’t it awesome! Which are the parts you loved and which ones did you not like (from the comments it seems people did not like the scene where Harry makes Voldemort jump with him as its nowehere in the book)

Please share this HP7 Part 2 trailer with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social network you’re on and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Trippky

    in the book does harry grab voldemort and jump off the castle? i cant remember!

    • Micher43

      No, he doesn’t.

      • Trippky

        yea i definitely didnt think so but just was double checking.. that seems stupid to add something like that in there

    • Tsb50158

      Not hardly

    • Sosha

      nope..i think thats creative leap for the movie…

    • Markgiannetto

      No but they put it their to make it more dramatic and then voldy apperates them to the entrance courtyard where they have there final battle 😀

  • Guest

    There’s no link for the trailer. Just says “…watch the English trailer here: ” and there’s nothing there.

    Please repost.

  • Savani

    this is awestruck to watch!.. 🙂

  • Susan

    No, Harry does not grab Voldemort and jump off the castle in the book.

  • bessy

    its gonna be so epic!! i cant wait much longer!1

  • michelle

    why did they add the part where Harry and Voldermort jump off a cliff, it’s not in the book!

    • Melly

      They always do such things in the movies, don’t they?

  • Lama

    So Exited To See It !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melly

    OOOH IT IS EPIC!!!!!
    OK, I’ve just watched it about 6 times so I just can’t keep calm 🙂
    I’ve seen so much scenes I’ve been waiting to! I fall for all Severus moments (especially the one when he suddenly dissapears), and the “memory” moment with lil’ Lily and Petunia, also Fred’s death, Ginny’s scream, Ron and hermione running, epic Bellatrix and Molly moment and – oh what a hapiness! Remus and Tonks <3 <3 <
    Anyways, if the trailer is that good – i hope the movie'll be better that all those… All thouse… movies.

    • ClayHolland24

      YOU ARE STUPID.Because all of Harry Potter Moments are COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and Hermiome hugs him bcause Harry is going to do something hurok.And as for you calling it the Titanic iam pretty sure that there was no boat or other people falling too!!!!!!!

      • Melly

        Hey, that was my own opinion and i didn’t insuly anyone at least! If you like all the moment – ok, i’m happy about you, but i never thought that all the movie moments are ‘cool” ><

  • LOLipop

    i know that harry pulling voldemort off the cliff wasnt in the book, but you have to remember that the director wants harry and voldy to have an EPIC showdown. to be honest, i was super disappointed that there wasnt much of a final fight between the two in the book. to add a huge fight scene with the two is a bit of a treat, so of course there’s going to be some added scenes.

    • I can see why the director would want there to be and “EPIC showdown” and I understand why you were disappointed, but I personally thought that there last battle was epic! I mean sure there was not a huge fight seen and a casting of a ton of spells, but Harry’s talking was epic in my opinion. I just hope that the director includes all that he needs to about the info behind wands and all because he always leaves that stuff out. In this book a lot of the talking is important stuff so hopefully he at least includes that.

      • ClayHolland24


  • Molly

    im crying. i love hp so much.

    • Leslie

      me too !!!

  • smq92

    OMG this is just awesome !! there are many scenes that i didnt think they will show in the movie!
    snape looks really cooooooooooool

  • sam


  • Cheto20092009

    So in the end Naville kills Voldemort?

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